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  1. Matt Dillon0:40
  2. fashion model0:48
  3. Princess Diana1:42
  4. birth control0:39
  5. Iron Man2:08
  6. Metallica1:28
  7. Marilyn Manson0:47
  8. Freddie Mercury1:41
  9. cell phone0:09
  10. Viagra0:31
  11. Iraq0:49

Fri, 5 Apr 2013|

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Welcome WA apps that let your weekly wrap up of all things rocket more I missed it there. This week that cell phone celebrated fortieth birthday research showed that people expect it within fifteen minutes of waking up. They check their FaceBook app on fourteen times today and six billion people on the planet have cell phones while only four point five billion output. -- that we laugh. Like -- on the also happy birthday to Viagra. This clothing should be -- hold -- 1998. Speaking of science it's been proven that women on birth control what attracted to Matt Dillon net which explains how guys in the scene immediately. And speaking of men wearing eyeliner Marilyn Manson about fashion model for think Iraq. That means that high fashion and then move on. And to get that a lot of here at the film magazine has released the list of the top -- -- -- women on the planet -- fox. -- aren't up and number one you look. That story yet and it is all hot add up on the the smoking gun released a copy of -- the tour rider in 1983. Back then they ask for case of beer belly try a case. 125 dollars in advance and another 625 dollars data show. That's right I could have had Metallica -- private joke but it caught the -- my first -- in 1983. Granola. Not. That I mentioned that exploded while. This week it was announced that Freddie Mercury took Princess Diana -- to a gay club -- -- 98. After the trial. Dressed in drag me and she was wearing a camel army jacket black -- app and it is. Basically what I Wear on every day. There won't don't know reportedly which includes a stop we -- our conscience well. Tickets on sale Monday April 8 seat -- on the confiscate WA AF dot com. Iron Man three is that they hit theaters on me are the soundtrack that I'm around it -- -- future mad dragon. It Romney and red light and that sound check out April are. And finally they don't our album -- the golden ball and part two is going to be in the -- this is that. I had a chance that the -- or apparently. Want the video posted at WA AF dot com. And that's that week WA AF separate. From our exclusive content and video keep checking in at W I am done.