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Tue, 20 Jan 2009|

James Hetfield Metallica Interview - Part 2

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Were you nervous before death magnetic was released how would be received and were you surprised at how quickly. Everything just came right back again. Not. Nervous you know. Whether we see a lot so much you know people -- associates on the road and we have to right we have to beat out the I have to write songs -- ball or else. If something happens to me and we don't wanna know what that is but. I have to be creative have to keep writing and we all need to did you and whatever whatever. It was to be would it rupiah was going to -- -- It would have been exactly. What is supposed to be and the best it could debate is where we're we're into doing the best that we can't. There is some surreal in this to win. Actually over in Europe when. These tropic and the hype was unbelievable. And it was it was. Surreal is the word if felt like -- now. This is acute feelings that people like it what you do when even though. -- keep telling yourself I don't care little book it's nice when people identify with your creativity. Well if you're not you know recording or touring you're doing that stuff with Metallica your home pissing off your neighbors so it's probably the thing. There -- -- borrowed yet well we -- road dogs. We have been since they want and and haven't seen it into the record sales mean there are one thing but the people showing up at the shows that as the ultimate sign of respect that feel. You couldn't yet you can by the new album you can be you can rest on almost laurels about album sales and things at the end of the date. If we go on tour nor shall not that sucks that. Because that's where we get our energy for the next. Record you know that that is that is the ultimate satisfaction being on stage and haven't the whole family -- there's you know. In doing so I thought it was really cool that you guys bucked the trend. Of the big expensive ticket packages that so many artists in your position you know -- charged 300 dollars for a ticket because they know that people will pay it. And you guys went into this tour saying our -- the ticket prices low and I just thought that was really cool. -- patriot. To see Metallica absolutely. I think it's a freight. No sorry yeah yet you know. But we're not out for a bat and where I'd I'd rather see more people and men and less revenue than in. You know the and to date we want we want feel good. And that's what would make us feel good. Obviously you have a little bit of a scar that needs to heal after the recent football season that. A putt putt putt putt putt here that this is a whole lot of scars I and -- -- patriots nation were -- little statues. Yes well they he had they had their time that they had a great time as well you know. It is what it is it that it doesn't rule my life like he used to when I was twelve but. You know you -- support of the matter what sport -- team. Through thick and thin and you know it's not unlike the your -- you know when your bands going through a tough time. You know you stick that you stick it stick with -- and stick with that if you stick it to the east equip them hopefully. I I also have to ask you about some of your hobbies and stuff because I like you ride motorcycles. And I'm I'm getting into shooting which is kind of a new thing for me I was always kind of a little bit weird it out by guns but over the past week I went to a shooting aren't. Got a fire like 3030 rifles and all the big machine guns in the Tommy guns and stuff. Yeah once you shoot your first person. You're hooked. Right. Joked as he hasn't killed anybody that we know. That that there. You know I know nobody on the bodies yet sound. -- guns -- then teach my kids edit. You know proper gun safety -- we've got some property the room where we live in you know right quads than. Dirt bikes and get dirty and that. What about what about motorcycles and I got the big chopper about it but what else have you kind of collected along the way. Believe. Few grudge people's cars I get there's a lot of her -- So you wouldn't have you been to Jay leno's garage or is he -- to yours does it it seems to be this sickness that once you get it needs to start hoarding these cars yeah. Well if you guitars as well wouldn't. You know. I think I invest in things that -- be as simple as that. And you could buy things because their record investment gigabyte because -- kick -- yet -- actually. You know so. There's actually people going on and most of those hobbies. Towards the motorcycle riding have been doing less and less because that the kids in -- just. You know local rise even if it is just date nice. You know just meet the back roads. Welcome back in -- bit ago while. That time that I was going -- -- run record and -- issue. Thank god -- still alive well it must make you look back all the things you've done and and make you thankful that. Nothing has happened to you with all the things you've been throw the opposite of that lot of things we're you know alcohol induced it you know there's terrorism. Person wreckage cleanup but. You know as far as me being cleared now and thinking -- by Kenneth. I'll I'll I'll stick four wheels right now but yet. And and you know at a car club we get lots of different cars as far as Jay Leno goes it's it's it's nowhere near total. I mean I know people that have collections of thousands of cars Curry's. And you know he's driving different one every detainees Jules get your calls you know stable offers. But yet it's -- it's it's it's it's a wonderful sickness. Even though you're the you know the lead singer of Metallica and you got the tattoos and the cars and motorcycles to do your kids think your cooler if you hit that point where. -- -- is just. Dead and and you're not cool dad. No I'm I'm just dad and cool right now. I think when it turns out that. You're at the parent you know it's not like you're dead you're the parent you're the enemy it hasn't hit that yet my kids are 78 and so they're still enjoying. They're not embarrassed by yet or what I do my best picture cards. You know fathers and -- kids at 69 before the last night -- my youngest daughter who just turned seven super. Proper -- Italy. People's happy birthday. It's a cool that is pretty cool and -- -- what happens when did. A wonderful. What happens in a few years when she's a little older and somebody shows up at house and what happens then and you're not gonna be so cool soon so again. You know what I think WB OK you know were were were were holding them as good as we can these days to make right choices and people have to screw -- people the ball and make their own mistakes I understand that it. You know the teenager goes out to the teenager were like that teaching these kids to be individuals. And as soon as they wanna be when I don't you know. You got. Have to do that when that time comes hopefully he'll be ready to -- that. What is it what is the next goal for either yourself or for the band now the kind of you know you got hit album back out again that -- is completely sold out. It is their something left for you now especially with the rock and roll Hall of Fame induction is there another. Leveled that you kind of set for yourself another goal you haven't achieved. Yet there's always goals in certain places we haven't played before on the planet. But I think goals. -- kind of make up in your mind but Britain. But really I think what. What happens with us is challenges appears all of a sudden -- This is -- and his son we there's no way we would've thought of you know. Whether it's you know some other media thing or you know elected Guitar Hero things and there's no way. And. Cabinet when we were kids that lets us that they didn't have them and they did call pong. Not the same. That's so I didn't even have a soundtrack of the -- It don't yet. It is mesmerizing. Yet you know there's something that will -- what about common tearing a jet and just. Flying to Baghdad playing for the soldiers could use could recent -- -- -- -- -- a great idea. Yeah. You know I what we're doing our part we're doing our best you know as far as reporting and we -- in DC went to the Veterans Hospital there was pretty heavy pretty darn heavy. And you know try to bring as much talent to goodwill as possible and you know. Offer love and support for that. And there were guys that had just come back you know week. Before that is to wake -- discovered. Missing a few lives man and James Hatfield standing at the foot of the bed yet. Got a surreal experience with us with a shirt here at the fix everything it. Now it's it's it's heavy really heavy in. That gig that night was you know we're pretty grateful to be eleven running around on stage you know. I know they're going to be a lot of soldiers there tonight and it it's just it's so awesome exit to see those guys kind of come home and then you know be able to get back. Into their lives again you know and and to hear the stories that they'll listen to your music over there and it kinda reminds of -- home is pretty cool absolutely. You know. I will never know were they went through. And I don't know if anyone will accept themselves you know and you know the old the old stories -- you know -- My dad. Today my dad was in the you know so. You know the war and you know hey programs was more to in the NC he won't tell us anything you know. Just shut up and not wanna say anything about it. And these these people -- little more open -- discussing what's going on other heads and let the insanity out you know. And actually talk about what -- troubles are going through. The hospital seem to be pretty amazing and they targets related treatment there and and everyone we talked to said that they were treated very cute and so I think things are. A little different I mean I'm sure that's not -- what is every single where. You know at least what we get to see. The other guys -- -- My tank schools and to destroy him in this and haven't music helped us through this news and you'll never know that makes me feel you know just the inspiration coming it's like this the snowball just goes back and forth you know. Would you guys inspire us no wait you aspire as -- -- ago and it just it it keeps -- it's a great thing. Well tonight a plane at the garden and it's completely sold out and now it all the albums all immaterial to Metallica has to choose from. How do you Whittle that down into a set list as I was looking at the cellist of America sneak -- There's so many other songs that -- all these don't have time to play that on how do you is their -- is their you know in Iraq paper scissors cut you got. -- -- -- -- -- That's from last night possibly don't even have inside information and all the -- -- -- of that downward note that it'll be different. You know we get about 45. Slots. In the set that rotate all the time we'd like to keep some songs pretty much the same of the two openers pretty much you know what it was. Magnetic and you know we've got we've got. The keys that we get a whole Santa sack full songs you know and it's fun to to just sit in the Dresser ago. You know we feel like playing tonight in the still do that's not all coordinated at a time for the -- and all that you guys still there are there are some places that it's more like. Here's the slots in the set. Pyro was going to happen here where the electorate and apply you've learned that -- thought it had to know and that's gonna happen exactly. So whether it is you know blackened or damage -- or you fight fire. There there's. -- can happen in the song so -- -- and we've got that thing pretty much worked out because for me. It's good when the set this somewhat honed in and it becomes a that could sharp weapon where I know what's next in Boone my can be on it in the wrap this kind of kind of -- But it is nice to really mix it up and it sets different in. Throw curve ball of people -- once -- -- and ourselves that's more important you know when you get a little complacent with the set that did people see that. So it's nice to -- the Dresser Wednesday. Reflect plan tonight OK let's do this and only then its oil okay. -- so go to Lou Kate said okay we'll do viewers tomorrow and okay good. So so there's an open dialogue yeah yeah. Why I gotta thank you for taking the time I -- -- desert real busy backstage and you got your family down the road with you and there's a lot going on so I appreciate you taking the time to sit down that's very welcome thank you for your support. Thanks a lot on WAF dot com. You'll always find the coolest stuff piercing got keep checking back and we gotta think James Hatfield Metallica hoping at a good time show the other night. -- -- --