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Bob Saget will always be Danny Tanner

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Fri, 21 Apr 2017|

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Be moving on like super blue and I'm not in our look at a lot of people there nights so what were blue because that was the entertainers that I am just not going away. Don't go away. Be a hundred Bill Walker it's going to be on your grave stone oh it's gonna say I'm not any candidate for the tibia dust buster busting out of the ground as well but doesn't think I remember as having Philby next to it it's got you but remember me like people first started to go see who. After full house doing standup and they're like oh Mike well what I am outraged by the cities that have was ahead and HBO special while the video show was number one full house was like number seven. And so there are really popular commercially. And doing those shows as you you're supposed to do you know curse on full house. And you don't host of bloopers show people did have an ads and a person that I saw and I seven David Stern test and I think. Good to you whether family picnic literal Dziena playing army I was stormy and often it. And in the gangly enough. But it's I mean it's interesting we think about how TV has changed too because. Now you can have new life as a Netflix went when it comes to the full house hotel believable that thing is they say it's that are more and you're on the world I don't know says they'll proof. Yeah I'm telling people sad event you have to accept the paychecks yet another thing you don't turn down money our backs obviously among load the bags but. That this music I did one last weekend actually and I had a really really good time erode actually some Danny tanner dialogue. That was really relevant and have them present for what's happening now in the world which is really weird. Here's a great tax Bob Saget is our guests. And the Texas how sad is it. That I knew that episode. Before Bob savage. I guess about the gradient that any luck yet Hezbollah's fanatics out there that's actually pretty good game we can play is. You could start to describe and so I won't remember any event I the only one I've ever pick up. That's one day but when there's you know a new version of Fuller house whatever probably it is I'll be that guy yeah I mean yeah yeah remember and.