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Bob Saget's Comedy Groupies

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Fri, 21 Apr 2017|

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Now let's infuse this is interest in because he pie have a whole new group of people who know you line like this 617 tax there. Is 27 years old and obsessed with full house. And it's incredible. On Netflix. I guess there's two without look at this here's a mom you could probably smasher I'm 35. And I don't smasher army you know this figure her own. Good thing it and I observing and you can modern day workers in a lewd manner. Bob smash mouth my favorite group and and I watch full house is a kid now my daughter's twelve she got that does is say it's every generation so I'll be in an airport and the six year old would come opera three year old and then a little letter a six year old mostly you look exactly the same execute him retaining fluid you can. And I modest bottle goats they're all it looks my kid looks like he'll do you remember the orange and a. Okay quote I think that's no that is suppose it's definitely my kid odds are it's my kid did have a religion did says if the mom in the kids says you look like my dad I'm the dad do you think you have illegitimate kids around you don't know about now. I not in Asia although I had I am very fertile I must say. And they do give out. Donations at the end of the show oh god I'm a little pedal steel and others who has to go at the end of every performance. That's you emerge give it don't they should. Merchants and its refrigerated away a table food is given warm I don't know how work yet the kid or my blood it's like you don't want to or even put it in Carolina under your arm you know look at related naval forces is involved flowing sausages we know my guns as if I play good man human animal about way and that you believe that night and terrible. We are incredibly talented OK okay how's this and who won't go worsen matters.