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Defending Clash Winner Joey Logano Wants to Win it Again

Feb 9, 2018|

Plus...Cup Champ Martin Truex Jr and his chances Sunday.

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I know what the those would want to hear this afternoon coming up and he won't live via. Auto parts flash here at Daytona spending advanced auto parts flash winner Joey we're gonna put the professed. I realizes let's put it aircraft. Gamma clash may not pay points. But it does pay rise plus the champ Martin Truex junior on his chances this Sunday alone honestly not sure about that and it's. I'm telling her that this is contracts. In the most recent network. FaceBook and Twitter MR and is there wallow in Mario on social media for. For all the latest happenings from the track and in NASCAR breaking news video photos a lot of races and shows us that's a big. Billion in war all along on Hillary ends FaceBook and Twitter. In fastened racing in if you don't know where to look this at all. But legends are bracing electronics you'll never miss another moment. Any motorsports event nationwide. NASCAR fans have never been closer to the action welcome to the future of the fan experience. Learned Miller by visiting racing electronics dot com. Need to find your local MRM radio station taking a trip and wanna listen to NASCAR races go to the Mario. Click on stations to find all MR into local radio station. Went adrift and map out MR and stations along you root him RN on your local stations to an end. Jolie Madonna in many guys is one of the best plate races in the garage. Who did a year ago when he advanced auto parts clash at Daytona but it didn't mean anything or did so. Great at that time period that the good momentum builder received in the good. Is kind of for your mental psyche. Get in there at this season. It's a great someone wins praise and it is. Hate thing if you need us. Kenny is but it at same time you know it still is a trophy there I don't know when it you know that it doesn't matter. Whether it's the and authors some shorter. The biggest you know but double points or he's you know whatever it is is it's important for me I think to go out there anyway. For now we'll face off against sixteen of the biggest stars in NASCAR's Sunday night including 4017 champion Martin Truex junior. We came close to winning the Daytona 502 years ago. He says he's never had much luck in the class but hopes that changes Sunday alone honestly not sure about that and it's it's been a tough race for us over the years and toward Washington back today I was I was really really enjoyed it. As far as race them and they tell us and tell. Finally the whatever chances there if Scott really really bad probably one of my worst between there and Talladega. For whatever reason the 500 we seem to finish fifth in the July race can't finish and also been tough track but look forward to and it's always fun to. Just first race here knock the rust off back racetrack kind of feel like competitions he's going to be strong throughout speed weeks maybe and it kind of a gauge on that and non interest for Richard Harvey this week's it's always fun time. The motor racing network has the full weekend of coverage from the worlds that are racing starting with three practices on Saturday. On Sunday the cup cars who qualify and we'll find out who will sit on the pole of the sixtieth annual Daytona 500. And after that 2 PM eastern NASCAR live race they rolls off ahead of advanced auto parts class they told. From Daytona Beach, Florida I'm caliber that in this contract. The motor leasing network.