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Preseason chat with Austin Dillon

Feb 8, 2018|

A conversation with the driver of the number 3 car as he prepares to kick off the season this weekend at Daytona

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After getting his first cup win and finishing eleventh in the playoffs last season. Austin Dillon is ready to get back after it starting this weekend in the advanced auto parts clash at Daytona. We've got a pre season chat with the driver of the number three car at Richard Childress racing next. I'm what he came in this is pod tracks on the motor racing network. There's only one it's. My great American race since it's so much. Celebrating sixty years of speed Jimmie Johnson didn't yourself away and suspense who's gonna. You know first to make him. But the sixtieth annual Daytona 500 and. Hi this is Mike Bagley if you're going to be at Daytona for speed weeks this year to make an appointment to stop by the outback steak now. Been to Daytona International Speedway on Tuesday February 13 for NASCAR live. We'll be joined by special guests as well as the bush is here. Biggest weekend NASCAR. You can be a part of it but that's our lives that's Tuesday February 13. I steakhouse in Daytona Beach. Motor racing that. Boston as with. Every season as you know a lot of change kind of starts off the season this when we've got. One let's pick out over the wall of the new inspection process with the Disco ball room they're gonna give you guys here on top content different stuff but he thinks somebody thinks might play out. Wow I'm excited about I was up early advocate for the fifth through changes and I think RJR's taken it writ run within China become one of the innovators of news this stuff so. Think it's a great chance for. Be the best status. It's gonna take advantage of any changes. Now your I saw earlier where you sit it looks like you guys are gonna be a two car team this year you know Ryan Newman. We'll let dynamic change any for you guys and not having that third car is it one less set I was gonna make that much of a different first to a good number. I think visited him number Acie Law the team's success was too. Tina won last year at two. Yeah I'm I'm excited about I think we have enough. To go and less people. I saw earlier where you were cut could run of social media with the new Camaro and kind of challenges mother got to show what they haven't looked like it really took off but. Then I think what looks we can anybody make that much of a difference in one season you think. And as ill. I'd say that. Most exciting. Feel like you know fast. You're doing stuff like that can run social media are you sometimes surprised that the response things like I got to know we always think. The things we think we'll do really well maybe not but things that are just kind of silly and off beat people go nuts over. Try to be interactive with fans it's all different and makes this sport is much and the sound system worked out pretty good. And your big fan of other sports as well and one of the things I'm gonna get frustrated with the hear people say all. NASCAR can't keep the rules straight have been looked around what to catch in the NFL these days what's put the ball in the strike in baseball you kind of feel some of that as well. It'll have some debate about it's not worth a darn anyways so on NASCAR's inside doing a good job on the side about 2018. Come on that stage race and it I think it'll settle in nicely and a lot of great things about our youth and young drivers we have coming up in the sport so it's going to be a battle you. I'm a little about the the middle just gave a racing at Daytona because it's not that physically demanding on you guys that I mentioned. After you get done before Springfield to hire. It doesn't mean years. They're running bumper to bumper 34 alive. Her laps on and then there's no there's no air and the dishes he can't ever get to Brett. Because viewers sit sit there thinking about what happens next is this guy. The entire does something smaller than me is he going to be our eyes as the guy who will follow the front seat constantly. What's going on around players that. A lot of the guys are doing at trinity of trucks and dirt track stuff for you gonna do some extracurricular this year not so much. Yeah I got to help we'll stay here is designed you never know about me on dirt and I can show up anywhere on foot. I'm mostly just focus on that number three cup car that's Chevrolet so. That's our main focus when it comes at. One glacier looking forward to on the circuit this year not necessarily racing related you're looking forward to visiting war. A mile you're looking cool Fordham having on the road somewhere this year. New York looking forward at all. I always loved going to pay disease in these. That's no matter places. Also enjoy Daytona Daytona July. City and there's a lot different place. This is on track for Thursday February 08. We'll have live streaming coverage of the first cup practice of the season starting at 10:30 eastern time Saturday morning from Daytona. I'm forty came in Concord, North Carolina.